Unleash the Hidden Trick: Capture iPhone Videos Seamlessly Without Pausing Your Music

how to record a video while music playing

Imagine this: you're jamming to your favorite tunes, immersed in the rhythm, when suddenly a captivating moment unfolds before you. You want to capture it on video, but the thought of pausing your music gives you pause. Well, fret no more! We're about to reveal a little-known iPhone feature that allows you to record videos without interrupting your audio—no need for any additional apps.

Yes, you can take videos on your iPhone without hitting the pause button on your music or interrupting any other audio delights. Intrigued? Let's dive in.

Typically, when you tap "video" in the camera app, your audio takes an unwarranted break, even before you hit record. However, there's a clever workaround hidden within the "photo" mode that allows you to snap still photos without silencing your soundtrack. And the real magic lies in knowing the right gesture. Here's how it's done:

  1. While your music or other audio is serenading your senses, open the camera app and ensure you're in "photo" mode. Feel free to use either the front or back camera—it's your call.
  2. Aim your camera at that captivating subject you wish to film—be it the impressive squat rack or anything else worthy of capturing. Pro tip: consider using a tripod for steady footage.
  3. Now, place your finger on the shutter button and smoothly drag it towards the circular arrow button on the right side.
  4. Presto! The shutter button will transform into a red square recording button, just like when you normally record videos. You're already in action. Tap this button again to stop the video whenever you're ready.

This ingenious feature, known as QuickTake, made its debut with iOS 13 and is compatible with iPhone models XS, XR, and newer. So, if you're rocking an iPhone released in 2018 or later, you're in luck! (I can vouch for its brilliance on my trusty iPhone 12 Mini, as can Lifehacker deputy editor Joel Cunningham with his iPhone 14.)

Now, there's one key distinction to keep in mind when using this method compared to the standard video setting: QuickTake always captures videos in 1080p HD at 30 frames per second. In contrast, the regular video mode allows you to adjust the resolution and frame rate in your Settings. Personally, I prefer setting my videos to 60 fps for smoother playback, especially when scrutinizing a slow-motion replay of a failed snatch to dissect my technique. QuickTake also adheres to the aspect ratio you've set for photos, which you can conveniently change within the camera app itself.

If you're content with the default settings, QuickTake lives up to its name, delivering quick and hassle-free video recording without the need for additional apps to maintain your musical backdrop. So, grab your iPhone, unleash your creativity, and let the moments unfold while your music continues to play.

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